String Six Studios & Music Services

String Six Studios exists to help the local music scene grow by allowing musicians to lay down a recording they never thought was possible without a record deal. Our engineers have worked on everything from new bands creating their very first demos to established acts perfecting their next masterpiece. Featuring the latest digital equipment, an experienced staff, and a laid-back environment, you'll be pleasantly surprised with String Six Studios.

The String Six group can provide a complete sound reinforcement system for concerts and other events, indoors or outdoors. Our mobile recording capabilities also allow for live albums to be captured and then mixed back in the studio. This includes on-location recordings of concert bands, choirs, and other ensembles.

 We will also gladly DJ backyard parties, school dances, sweet sixteen's, and any other events. With some of the most competitive rates around, a extensive music collection of all genres and eras of music, and a professional sound system that will be scaled to match any venue, you can't pass up String Six. Let us know ahead of time what types of music you need, and we will be sure to accommodate you.

Finally, don't hesitate to ask about any other projects related to the field of audio and acoustics. Need an old recording transferred to CD or MP3 with the best sound restoration techniques possible? Building a rehearsal, performance, or studio space that needs acoustic treatment? Maybe you just need a bit of advice on how to meet your musical needs on a certain budget without the pressure of a salesman working on commission. Whatever you need to do, String Six Studios & Music Services will make it sound the best it possibly can.

- Mike and Kurt -

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