Music Samples

Take a listen...these represent just a handful of the projects we've worked on.
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Sample MP3


The Heavy Cut   Flower in the Rain Mixed, Mastered
Roulette   The Waltz Tracked, Mixed
Iron Hills   Dragonfly Tracked, Mixed, Mastered
Vincent NJ   Looking Deeply Into Something Flat Tracked, Mixed, Mastered
Writhing From The Gashes   Fertility Annihilated Tracked, Mixed
Wellsville     Tracked, Mixed
The Response   Right Next To You
(Kurt's House)
Tracked, Mixed
Ariston   Off To College Tracked, Mixed
The Radio Speaks   Sunshine on Airstrip One Tracked, Mixed
Dolla Phil MacDaddy Records   Vocals Tracked
Produced by MacDaddy
LokSmith Dark Industries Drop It For Me Mami Vocals Tracked
Produced by Houst Dark
MacDaddy MacDaddy Records   Vocals Tracked
Rider Foster   Stuck In Overdrive Tracked, Mixed
Ryerson   For The Vain And Ancient Tracked, Mixed, Mastered

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