DJ Services

Non-Stop Music: $100 base rate + $50/hr

  • Perfect for backyard parties, barbeques, weddings, and class reunions

Full Dance Party: $150 base rate + $50/hr

  • Sound-activated light show
  • Fog machine available upon request
  • Perfect for clubs, school dances, proms, and sweet 16's

Sound Systems (includes engineer)

Public Address Package: $100 base rate + $25/hr

  • Vocal microphones (one wireless)
  • Appropriate speakers for your venue
  • Floor monitors if required

Sound Reinforcement Package: Contact us for a quote, as every show's needs are different

  • Plenty of mics for vocals and guitar amps (one wireless)
  • Virtually unlimited direct lines for keyboards, bass guitar, etc.
  • Pick an appropriate drum package anywhere from just kick drum up to kick/snare/toms/overheads
  • Backline amplifiers and wireless guitar systems available
  • We will gladly connect any of your own gear including in-ear monitors and specialty microphones
  • Appropriate speakers for your venue, including floor/drum/side monitors with multiple mixes
  • Please make sure two circuits are exclusively available for our equipment (as well as the band's) to minimize the risk of tripping breakers. We can optionally run on a generator for the cost of renting one.

Important Info

  • Please let us know if there is limited access for vehicles and of any situations involving stairs.
  • If the event is more than 30 minutes from Boonton, New Jersey, travel costs will be negotiated.
  • All prices and quotes include a deposit of $25 which is to be paid upon booking your event. The remaining balance is due at the time service is rendered.

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